Is your company about to move? Definitely don’t forget about this

How can you move a company so that you do not interrupt its daily operations and productivity? And is it even possible? Read about what is behind a successful move and what you definitely should not forget during preparation.

Don’t wait too long

Don’t wait until your employees will be forced to work in the hallway because the company has already grown out of its current spaces. If you feel like your needs and requirements for your workspace have changed, don’t hesitate for too long. That is the only way to make sure your move will be smooth and will not threaten any processes that are running.

Plan the move well

Before you start anything, plan a detailed timetable and ask yourself the following questions: Will it be necessary to renovate or otherwise prepare the new location before you move into it? And when will this work take place? Also think about apparent trivialities such as implementing Internet or telephone lines, security and access to the building, obtaining new furniture, the selection of a suitable moving company and the administration connected with a change in the company address.

In STĚHOVÁNÍ Praha we have a lot of experience with moving companies, from smaller businesses to large companies and state enterprises. That’s why we know that the foundation of success is to have a clear plan. For larger companies, invite a sales representative to the company for a tour. He will prepare a precise price offer and advise you with anything you are unsure about.

Then he will prepare a work schedule several weeks before the move. Thanks to this you will know exactly where each office will be moved, which furniture will be moving with you, what will remain behind and where the new furniture will be going. But you will primarily find that the move can take place outside of your employees’ working hours, so it will not threaten the company’s operations in any way. Thus, the company can move gradually over weekends and holidays.

Last, but not least, it is best to prepare an inventory and properly mark the furniture and individual boxes so that they will smoothly make their way to their new place. You can also leave all this up to the professionals that will pack up your entire company, carefully sort and mark everything and unpack it again in the new offices. In STĚHOVÁNÍ Praha, we have moved companies such as AVAST SOFTWARE, the employees of the Kooperativa insurance company and E.ON Česká republika in precisely this manner. Take a look at our references to see how we did.

Tip: Are you interested in getting even more details? Read our example timetable for moving a company.

Let your employees and clients know in time

Talk to your employees about the move and give them enough time to get everything ready. Tell them sufficiently in advance the precise date and time for moving to the new offices, what they should pack and what to leave up to the moving company. Don’t forget to let your clients and customers know, as well, and assure them that the move will not interfere with your business in any way