Business of various sizes contact us daily, from the smallest ones to multinational groups. We try to accommodate them all according to their individual requirements. We have prepared a sample model of moving a medium to larger company to help you get an idea how it gets done.


At least 1 month in advance

  • Decide which moving services you will need. Get in touch with us and our operator will arrange a date with you for a visit of our technician, which is completely free of charge.
  • If you are not sure about where to start, our sales representative will help you with everything you’ll need.
  • Our technician will estimate the number of workers, the type and number of trucks needed and the duration of the whole operation. Based on this information, we will provide a quotation free of charge.
  • If you decide to move using our services, reserve a tentative move date. We can arrange everything so that you don’t have to stop your business due to the moving.


1-3 weeks in advance

  • We will arrange a meeting to prepare a schedule for the move based on the information found and your own requirements and agree on all the details.
  • If you wish, we can prepare a brief manual for your employees. Each of them will then receive a plan for the move of their respective department by internal mail. This way will your employees know what day and time their workplace is going to be moved.
  • If you choose our turnkey packing service, you do not need to do anything else – we will send you our workers trained in packing items like IT, copiers, and printers. Our service for packing files and dossiers is also very popular, our workers will do all this for you so you will save time.
  • We will confirm the date of moving.


Approximately 7 days in advance

  • Before the move, we recommend you take a document inventory, and we will be happy to shred the documents that are no longer valid or needed.
  • We will deliver moving boxes to you in advance so you can pack your items yourselves (if you do not wish us to pack for you).
  • We will be also delighted to prepare tags for labelling your boxes, furniture, and electronics for individual workplaces.
  • We also provide moving in „SAFE“ regime. If you have any valuable documents or any other items that must not be accessed by unauthorized persons, we will move them in special plastic boxes with lids. They are equipped with two original numbered seals and accompanied with special certificates of delivery.
  • You can also use other of our moving services, such as complete professional packing or ecological disposal of needless furniture.
  • If you cannot move all your items yet, we will be happy to store them in our heated storage area of 1,000 m², kept at a constant temperature.


  • On the day of the actual move, we will arrange parking space occupation for free, both at the place of your company and at the destination.
  • A work team leader, informed about all details of your order, will arrive to your place. He will organize the move and oversees that everything is according to the plan.
  • We will perform the work according to a pre-agreed schedule. Your order is insured up to CZK 10 million at all times of the move.
  • First, we will load the packed items. Then we will professionally disconnect the electronics, computer technology and servers, pack them to quality moving materials, and disassemble the furniture.
  • We will carefully unload everything into padded moving trucks and transport it to its destination.
  • All our trucks are connected to a satellite and you can track their movements via GPS online.


  • Needless items – documents, old furniture, computers, or electronics (i.e., hazardous waste as well) – will be disposed in an environmentally-friendly way. If you want, we will issue a report on the eco-friendly disposal or shredding of the documents for you.
  • After clearing the current premises, we can also clean them if you wish.
  • We can place all the items at the new premises using plans that we will prepare with you. We will reassemble and place the furniture, unpack, and reconnect the electronics.
  • We can also move heavy loads, safes, large notice boards, library collections, etc.
  • In case an insurance event occurs, we will take care of everything! After completing the contract, we may phone you to make sure you are satisfied with our work – it is very important for us.