Every customer has different requirements, so the price will be best determined by an expert. Do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Your questions and orders can be handled by phone or over the Internet – fill in the form for no-obligation request and we will send you our quotation within an hour.

  • Take advantage of a free visit of our technician to specify details and determine the exact price. This way you will know the cost of your move in advance.

For easier calculation, please prepare a list of items you need to move. To estimate the volume you can use our Cubiekin – find out how large moving van you need.

Most frequently requested moving services

Auto 15 m3

Transporting few items

This is the ideal choice for moving a few items of furniture, such as tables, wardrobes, carpets etc.

1 000 CZK/hour

No-obligation request
auto 20m3

Moving rooms

Usually used for moving 1 or 2 rooms.

1 100 CZK/hour

No-obligation request

Moving flats

Ideal for moving average size flat.


1 500 CZK/hour

No-obligation request

Moving larger households

Moving flats and houses with three and more bedrooms.

2 100 CZK/hour

No-obligation request

Our technician will determine the appropriate moving type and price before the actual move.

What the price includes

  • insurance of moved objects and all premises where the move takes place

    safe packing and transport of your items

    expert disassembly and reassembly of furniture and electronics

    work on weekends at no extra charge

Moving heavy loads

Weight Base price Surcharge for each additional floor
100 - 199 kg e.g. a small safe 1 500 Kč 200 Kč
200 - 299 kg e.g. an upright piano 2 000 Kč 400 Kč
300 - 399 kg e.g. a piano 3 000 Kč 500 Kč
400 - 500 kg e.g. a safe 4 000 Kč 800 Kč

For heavier loads the price will be determined individually by our technician. Do not hesitate to contact us with your no-obligation request.

The above prices are shown without 21% VAT.

No-obligation request