Tips for moving a company

2021/04/04 How can you move a company so that you do not interrupt its daily operations and productivity? Read what you should not forget about when moving a company.

How to move heavy loads

2021/02/02 Some things are so big and heavy that you cannot move them without assistance (and you cannot move them safely by yourself at all). Moving heavy loads is difficult work and it is worth preparing for it in advance in order to prevent both harm to your own health and damage to the stuff that you are moving. So, what does moving heavy loads actually involve and how can you prepare for it?

How to prepare for moving

2021/01/11 Is moving a nightmare for you? If so, you should know that it is possible to relocate without suffering a stroke along the way. How can you get ready to move so that it comes off without a hitch and you don’t spend more time on it than necessary?

Everything that you ever wanted to know about moving

2020/11/26 Moving is an exciting, but also relatively difficult undertaking. Sorting and packing things, deciding on new furniture, finding packing materials, seeking out a suitable moving company, temporary storage of belongings…

What kind of boxes and other materials are suitable for moving your treasures?

2020/10/02 Packing things may seem like an easier part of the whole move, but you should pay enough attention to it and think in advance how to pack things.

How to relocate abroad

2020/09/14 Are you planning to leave your current home and set out to explore life abroad? Have a look at our list of things to keep in mind.

Moving companies

Every year we move more than 280 companies within the EU. Become one of them!

Disposal options for old household and office equipment

We provide disposal of old equipment to households and companies to leave your old premises empty. If you wish, we can also arrange cleaning of the empty rooms. The only thing we need from you as a client is to mark the objects intended for disposal. The rest of the work can be done without your presence.

You are legally entitled to time off from work

Are you moving but your employer does not want to give you time off or salary compensation?

5 tips for moving your electronics

One of the troubles of moving can be disconnecting, transportation and the subsequent reconnecting of electronics at the new location. In the following article, we give you basic tips to make this work as easy as possible.

Nemáte dočasně kam umístit svoje věci? Náš sklad je vám k dispozici!

Při stěhování mohou nastat situace, že se ze starého bytu nebo domu musíte kvůli hořícímu termínu vystěhovat, ale zatím nemáte kam dát všechny svoje věci. Abychom mohli našim zákazníkům v podobných situacích pomoci, otevřeli jsme sklad, kde si můžete své věci a zásilky libovolných rozměrů uskladnit na jak dlouho budete potřebovat.