Some things are so big and heavy that you cannot move them without assistance (and you cannot move them safely by yourself at all). Moving heavy loads is difficult work and it is worth preparing for it in advance in order to prevent both harm to your own health and damage to the stuff that you are moving. So, what does moving heavy loads actually involve and how can you prepare for it?

From couches, through pianos, to works of art

What exactly are heavy loads? Basically, a heavy load is anything that you can designate as being too big and heavy. In most cases, these are things that weigh more than 100 kg or that cannot be disassembled, are bulky or simply do not fit through doors/doorframes. Such items are most frequently furniture, such as long couches and large wardrobes. But you may also have a hard time with a piano, safe, sculptures or machines.

Heavy Iron throne from The Game of Thrones

Heavy Iron throne from The Game of Thrones on its way to HBO’s Pan-European Conference

If you find out in the course of moving that you just cannot move something by yourself, or if you rely on professionals from the beginning when you are moving, the moving process is the same:

  1. Consultation
    Are you interested in how much it costs to move a piano? The basic rate is CZK 1,500. However, the price depends on the weight, number of floors up (or down) which the piano must be carried and whether you are moving only a piano or your entire residence. You will get a precise estimate of the difficulty and price after the first consultation. Such consultation is free of charge with us at STĚHOVÁNÍ Praha.
  2. A clear plan
    Before we get started, you will know what will be done and how, i.e. what equipment will be needed, which way we will go, how many people will be necessary for the move and how much it will cost.
  3. Moving
    Before moving, the movers will secure door frames, floors, edges of staircases and other places that could be damaged (or that could damage the item being moved). If necessary, the heavy load is first disassembled and each part of it is carefully packed. It is then transported, either manually or using a moving robot, to the moving vehicle, onto which it is loaded by means of a lifting platform or crane. Then all that is left to do is to properly tie it down and get on the road. At your new place, we will put the heavy load exactly where you want it.

"When moving heavy loads, we send a vehicle that has a hydraulic lift, thanks to which everything can be easily transferred to the vehicle. For example, we first wrap a piano and get it out of the residence, then place it in a padded vehicle and take it with the other things at the same time. Of course, we ensure that nothing happens to the piano and the things around it along the way. We transport everything safely in one vehicle,” says Richard Vavřín of STĚHOVÁNÍ Praha.

With us, no load will be too heavy

Moving heavy loads isn’t only about weight. Therefore, at STĚHOVÁNÍ Praha we insure the things being moved and the premises for up to CZK 20 million. When moving, we use state-of-the-art technology, such as lifting equipment and transport platforms, as well as a special robot. Our trained employees annually relocate more than 250,000 kilograms of heavy loads and expertly move everything from small households to factories and major corporations. Have a look at our photographs from moving projects or send us your no-obligation enquiry.

Moving the glass furnace

We moved glass furnaces from far abroad for a well-known glass artist Martin Janecký