Packing things may seem like an easier part of the whole move, but you should pay enough attention to it and think in advance how to pack things. Do you throw plants, shoes and dishes recklessly into banana boxes? Do you wonder how on Earth you’re going to wrap your festive dress? Is your head spinning with all the bubble wrap, boxes, hangers, bags, plastic bags and other materials? Stop by and make sure you follow some basic moving recommendations.

The moving box

Consider in advance more than just the weight of the moving box

Whether you are moving on your own, with friends or hiring a specialized moving company, keep in mind that no human being is a divine Hercules. Each box also has
a limited load capacity. Therefore, when you pack a bookcase or similarly heavy items, such as books, fill the moving box about halfway or add a few lighter items on top instead. This will ease your work when you carry the boxes up the stairs or when you need to collect items from the sidewalk if the box breaks.

Also, be sure to check that your boxes are clean before packing. If you use boxes
from a local supermarket to move, you will probably need to wipe them first or line them with clothes, for example, to avoid soiling the items you put in them.

TIP: Carefully mark the packed moving box (e.g. "kitchen", "children's room") on two opposite sides. When you unpack, you can easily find out what is in each box and where to put the boxes, whether in the car or your new home.

Glass, porcelain and other fragile items

Packing fragile things is one of the most challenging activities. Bubble wrap or extruded polystyrene will become your faithful partner. Pack each cup, glass or vase separately
so that things do not get broken during transport. You can also fill the gaps between dishes with old clothes.

Store fragile items in a reliable, sturdy moving box – because if the box breaks, you can throw away broken items straight away. We recommend that you avoid unreliable banana boxes and borrow moving boxes from your favourite moving company instead.
Or take a look at high-quality moving boxes for sale.

Last but not least

Pack the things you use daily last, then unpack them first in your new home.
Moving and unpacking can take several days, especially if you have a big family. Therefore, put the things you know you will need right after moving in one place (or pack them
in a suitcase as if you were going on a week-long vacation). This certainly includes important documents, a phone charger, a toothbrush, a computer for work, something small for breakfast or a school snack for children.

Also, put aside things to sleep on (you don't have to unpack the bed straight away, just mattresses and bedding or sleeping bags). And don't forget that what you dream about
in the first night at the new place will also come true. J

Do you have (or not have) enough? Contact the experts

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