International moving

Move your belongings safely and without worries. We can take care of your move abroad or back to the Czech Republic. We will find you a suitable insurance, use certified wrapping materials and deal with customs office on your behalf.

We can move you to any European destination or back to the Czech Republic. We make it our business to know the infrastructure, local law and customs to ensure your move runs smoothly.

100% safe
We will find you a suitable insurance up to 10 000 000 CZK and wrap your belonging with care.

Without worries
We can offer you a stress-free move. We will plan everything, wrap, collect, declare through the customs, unwrap and re-assemble.

Why move abroad or back to the Czech Republic with us?

  • The same moving team takes care of every step of your move

    We can offer a complete wrapping service, even without your presence. We will make a detailed list of all your belongings for insurance purposes.

  • All your belonging will be secured safely in our padded vehicles to prevent damage on the way

  • Communication with the customs office

    All our staff speak English fluently. This enables us to hear out your wishes and communicate with the customs officers.

  • Quality insurance

    We will insure all your belongings as well as the areas you are moving from and to. The insurance covers the whole time of your move up to 10 000 000 CZK.

Ask for a non-binding quote

How to organize your move abroad?


Best one month in advance

  • We learn what services you require
    Firstly, we confirm your requirements and wishes and most importantly what, when and where you want to move.
  • We will select suitable wrapping materials
    The key is to choose suitable wrapping materials and number of boxes to ensure your belonging travel safely.
  • We will select the right vehicle from our fleet
    • When moving abroad:
      We will visit you in order to pick the right size vehicle to suit your needs.
    • When moving from abroad:
      When choosing an ideal vehicle size, we rely on photo documentation you send. It is also possible to send a short video.
  • Price offer
    We will give you a detailed price offer so you know exactly what you are payig for.
  • Setting a preliminary date of your move
    We will agree a collection and delivery date. If there is a longer period between those dates, we can also provide safe storage of your belongings

Setting a timetable

2-3 weeks in advance

  • Agreeing the final price
    We will give you a price based upon more detailed information. This will include everything - from the first box we pick up the last cable we connect - no hidden cost and additional charges.
  • Setting a schedule
    We will set a detailed timetable that suits your needs. We guarantee to stick to the schedule and terms as agreed.
  • Confirming the exact date
    Once the date and detailed timetable is agreed we will start preparing everything for your move.

Preparing for the move

7 days before (moving abroad)

as agreed (when moving from abroad)

  • Pack for you or collect boxes
    We can dismantle furniture, disconnect electronic equipment, pack your belongings. Alternatively we simply collect what you have packed. We make sure that your old home is tidy before we leave.
  • Making a list
    Having packed we make a list, number and label all the items. This makes it simple to find what you are looking for.
  • Loading and sealing the vehicle
    All packed items are loaded carefully into a padded vehicle. We secure and double check everything and seal the vehicle.

The move

  • A new home
    – from your formal home or our storage

    Loaded vehicles can go directly to your new home. Alternatively everything can be put into safe storage.
  • Customs office
    We will deal with customs formalities without your presence. Our staff has relevant language skills.
  • Unpack, assemble and connect
    We will unpack everything, assemble your furniture and place it to a chosen place. All electronic equipment will be connected and used wrappings recycled.

All done!

We accept cash or card payments and issue you with a receipt.

We can offer international move to households and companies

Our move manager will help you with all the important decisions during preparation and will be personally present on site through the whole move.

  • Unwrapping and reconnecting the electronic equipment

    We will unwrap all the articles, assemble the furniture and reconnect all the electronics equipment. We can also recycle any items you no longer need.

  • Storage

    If you cannot move in straight away we can put everything in storage and deliver when it suits you.

  • Wrapping services

    We will provide you with quality boxes that are made for moving as well as labels. We can even pack everything for you.

  • Detailed list

    We make a detailed list of all the articles to ensure everything is loaded safely. This also prevents damage and loss.

  • Customs formalities

    No need to worry about customs formalities. We will take care of this without your presence.

  • Price

    We will give you an exact price of the whole operation before you move. No hidden cost or additional charges.

  • Schedule

    Schedule is set to suit your needs. If required we can offer you safe storage until you are ready to move into new premises.

  • Planning

    Depending on what you want to move, we choose the right vehicle, number of staff and set a clear schedule.

  • Experience

    We are experienced in moving diplomatic shipment, large companies as well as archives that contain confidential or valuable items. Every article is safe in our hands.

No-obligation request

You can move on any day of the year

We will move you on bank holidays or weekends without any additional charge. You can choose time and date that best suits your needs

Our vehicles are no older than 3 years

We will move you on bank holidays or weekends without any additional charge. You can choose time and date that best suits your needs

Your belongings and premises are insured up 10 000 000 CZK

The insurance is valid from the moment we takeover until we handover. It covers your belongings, premises and all the areas we are moving through. The insurance is valid in the whole of Europe, not only in the Czech Republic.




We use the services of this moving company for international moving of our reporters to EU countries. The company supplies high-quality packing material and transport boxes, helps with packing of personal belongings and provides their transport to new destinations. We are very happy with the services they provide.


We are very happy with the international moving services. The company always meets our terms and requirements.


Moving Prague company provides moving for our managers from Germany and Austria as well as within the Czech Republic. Their services were always flawless and positively appraised by these managers. Every time it was the complete door-to-door service.


We confirm that the Moving Prague company does international moving of our workers within the EU for us. As per the statement of the individual workers, their services were always highly professional. During the 5 years of our cooperation, there has been no damage to the items transported. We positively assess their modern vehicle fleet, which always ensured safe transport of individual shipments.


I would like to just inform you that during the moving everything was ok. I was absolutely satisfied. It was really a professional team. They were very flexible, very hardworking, very careful and very kind. Great team, good people. Everything had been done according to the previous schedule.


I would like to thank to all the workers who were involved in moving my personal belongings and furniture from Madrid to Prague. I was surprised by the extent and execution of their services, which were completely comparable with European standards.

All references

We guarantee a professional approach and safe move.

Move without stress and worries of damage. Our moving team will move you safely and at agreed time