No “Closed due to moving” signs on the shop door, no forced vacation for your production employees. Our moving work does not have to disrupt your business. We move during the evening and during weekends and holidays. We can easily divide the entire process into phases so that there are no limitations, let alone stopping the firm’s operations.

26 moving events, 1 month of work, 0 minutes of limited operations. That’s how we moved the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

Our references include the moving of the furniture of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic. The project, which employed us for a whole month, included a total of 26 moving events. None of these limited the operations of the office. The move was managed by our dispatch center and the leaders directly in the field, so everything was done according to the prepared schedule and to the full satisfaction of the client.

We moved Václav Havel International Airport Prague at night

Václav Havel Airport in Prague asked us to completely replace benches in all the terminals. In order not to disrupt the airport operations, we decided to carry out all the moving work at night. The next day the passengers could sit comfortably on the new benches.

We moved Česká podnikatelská pojišťovna in the afternoon and over the evenings

We relocated 200 jobs at the headquarters in Prague 8 and the equipment of several other offices in the capital within 14 days. Even so, the company did not have to restrict its activities at all. The employees of the Česká podnikatelská pojišťovna insurance company could continue to work as they were used to. Meanwhile, in the late afternoon and evening hours, we moved all the workplaces to suit the new internal arrangement.

We moved E.ON without interrupting operations. Even though Hurricane Sabine was wreaking havoc here

We have moved E.ON several times. In 2017, for example, we took care of the transfer of all Prague office branches to the Zlatý Anděl building. And all without interrupting operations. In 2020, we took another look at the world's leading energy company. We moved E.ON’s divisional center in Brno. The 14-day event included, in addition to the relocation of office equipment, the movement of large warehouses with numerous shelving systems. We managed everything in full operation and without any limitations. And all this in spite of the fact that at that time Hurricane Sabine struck and units had to leave to deal with the damage that the hurricane caused during the move.

The confectionery near Wenceslaus Square could still prepare ice cream cones during the move

We also have completely sweet cooperation behind us. We completely moved the entire headquarters of Hájek and Boušová. Ovocný Svetozor, which is famous primarily for its excellent ice creams and open-faced sandwiches, can be found in a pedestrian zone in Prague 1. We divided the whole event into two stages – first, we moved the offices, then the warehouse space. Thanks to this, we managed everything once again without limiting the company's operations.

We also moved heavy loads for a transport company without interrupting operations

The transport company in Ostrava needed to move everything out of the main building of the company so that it could subsequently undergo reconstruction. We were then entrusted with the task of relocating all the equipment. We had to move everything, including the main ticket office, whose operations could not be interrupted. We concentrated the whole event primarily on weekend days and also took care of the transfer of many heavy safes, the archive, and individual offices.

We have even moved items between various cities without interrupting operations

For our contractual partner, the Prague Public Transport Company, we have arranged several major moves of office furniture, documents, and electronics. We have moved things both within the city and to other cities in the Czech Republic. The main operator of public transportation in Prague appreciated that the whole move took place in a very short time and without any limitations.

Are you also moving your company, but don't want to restrict its operations? Get in touch with us. We move at night, on the weekends and over holidays.