Are you going to move, and you are wondering where on earth you are going to put it all? Or how to sort clothes and go through all the things from the bathroom? Eliminate the stress with packing and moving an endless number of boxes for which you will be trying to place in your new home for months (and some you may never even unpack). Get rid of unnecessary things before moving. This will prevent you from cluttering your new apartment right away and you will have enough place in it for new things and memories.

Don't be afraid to admit that you store things that are broken, expired or unusable - you are not the first, nor the last. Often you may not even know how many things, which you haven't thought about in years, you still have. Moving is the best opportunity to get rid of them. You will save time, effort, and money when you sort the junk before moving. You will need fewer helpers as well as moving boxes and you will have more space in the van.

How to start sorting things to move

  1. Take your time. Start sorting things as soon as you know that you aremoving. Don’t save this challenging task for the last day before you move. Reserve enough time for decluttering, maybe even a few months. This will make it easier for you to decide which things will go with you to your new place, and you will avoid hasty throwing things in a box only because you do not have enough time.

  2. Prepare the necessary materials. Equip yourself with enough large (and durable) waste bins for things to get rid of, and bags, storage boxes or moving boxes for things you want to keep or donate. Also, do not forget about scissors, enough duct tape and other quality packaging and moving materials, such as bubblefoil (this will be an invaluable helper for packing anything fragile).

  3. Divide and conquer. Whether you're taking books from the library, thinking about how to move kitchen dishes or how to sort clothes, the basic procedure is the same. Always sort things into three (or four) piles. Put the stuff you are sure you want in your new home on the first pile. The things that you will throw away goes on the second pile and on the third the things you want to donate (to friends or charity for example). On the last pile possibly sort out things that you are not sure about yet, and you will postpone the decision on their fate for a while.

  4. Be uncompromising. Always consider when you last used the item. Clothes that don't fit you or are already too washed and worn out will only hang in the closet. And if you did not touch that food processor for 3 long years, you probably won't use it now. If you don't need something or don't use it, throw it away or donate it. You will have more space at your home for things you really need and that will bring you more joy.

Tip: Get or rent a shredder. It will be useful for you to devalue old and unnecessary documents that you need to get rid of.

You can leave moving to others

Moving and clearing is often a very demanding process that requires a lot of time. If you don't have it or you would rather have someone handling the whole moving for you, leave it to others! Professionals from MOVING Prague not only move you, but calmly and completely pack everything in boxes, disassemble the furniture and like by a wave of a magic wand they will move you to a new home. Just call them or fill in a non-binding request.