Hooray! Have you already arranged your move or even finished moving and your new home is filled with unpacked boxes? Before you take a deep breath, hold on. Moving things from your old place to the new one is not the end of the moving process.

Change your address and label your mailbox

You certainly do not want your library reminders, magazine subscriptions or parking tickets to end up in the hands of your former landlord or their new tenant. Open all of your smart apps and the websites of services that you use and update your contact address for mail delivery. Above all, do not forget to report the change to your bank, operator, employer (don' forget you can have time off for moving) and your insurance company!

If you are also changing your permanent address, you should go to the relevant government office as soon as possible, otherwise, you could face charges for not doing so. In most cases, you have 30 days after you change your permanent address, but not everywhere, so don't forget to check this in time. And in order to be sure that parcels, the mail carrier, and visitors can reach you without too much trouble, label your mailbox and doorbell with your name.

Think about utilities…

First of all, cancel your current electricity, water and gas payments in time so that you do not needlessly pay for two households at once. Sign up with a new provider in your area as soon as possible after you move; otherwise, you will be lighting your new home with candles in the evening. Ask the previous owner for the necessary documents or, in the case of a newly built home, the developer will give them to you.

…and your internet connection

Start getting your internet connection set up before moving. Keep in mind that you are bound by a certain notice period, which may be only one month or as long as three months, so read the terms and conditions for cancelling your internet connection in advance. The situation is different if the next tenant takes the internet connection over from you. In this case, the notice period probably will not apply to you and the new user will continue with your contract (or agree to new terms and conditions).

Take into account that someone will have to come to your new home to connect you to the internet. This may take a while, so be prepared to use mobile data or a backup internet connection for the first month or part of it. Or use this time to give yourself a little internet detox!

Temporary storage of your things

Some things you don't want, some things you want to give away... or everything didn't go so smoothly and before you move into your new home, you have to spend some time in temporary lodgings, to which you don’t want to haul all of your boxes (which probably wouldn’t even fit there anyway)? STĚHOVÁNÍ Praha offers temporary and short-term storage – simply for as long as you need. Your belongings will be waiting for you in a safe place until you can pick them up again.


Do not immediately throw away moving boxes and other materials. Probably no one is going to use those torn banana boxes, but sturdy and intact used boxes will surely come in handy for someone. Post an ad on Facebook or another platform and offer them for removal. But when you move with STĚHOVÁNÍ Praha, you don’t have to deal with boxes. We will gladly lend boxes to you in advance and take them away again after the move, so you will have less to worry about!