We will help you liquidate all these items

    • furniture of all kinds

    • complete office equipment

    • all electronics and computer equipment (i.e., dangerous waste)

    • iron and other metal items

Scrap yards

We can arrange the removal of unnecessary items to the scrap yard as part of a move, or separately at a previously-arranged time. It is enough to wrap smaller items in plastic bags, or you can borrow our quality moving boxes. We will simply load the larger items into our vehicle.

What can be thrown out in the scrap yard free of charge

You can throw away large items of furniture and smaller items from various materials - from textiles, metal, glass and plastic. In some scrap yards, the take-back of dangerous waste, such as electrical appliances, batteries, accumulators, light bulbs and oil, is also possible.

There are currently 30 scrap yards available in the city. You can find a map of their locations on the Portal of the Capital City of Prague. Some serve all of Prague, others only a particular city district. When using their services, the permanent residence in the given district must be demonstrated by a national identity card, otherwise a fee has to be paid. Only a certain amount of waste and electrical waste can be thrown away for free in scrap yards. If you will have more waste, it is better to use the services of our external companies.

Ecological liquidation

We cooperate with firms that perform the ecological liquidation of unnecessary wooden furniture and other materials for us. You will receive a protocol from us on the ecological liquidation.

We will also arrange the ecological liquidation of dangerous waste for you, i.e., refrigerators and other electronics. In this case, you will also receive a protocol on the liquidation from us and of the removal of the appliance from the relevant records.

Shredding of documents

We also offer the shredding of documentation including classified files (we remove these for shredding in secure mode, i.e., in a safe box equipped with two seals). We deliver the containers for the storage of the documents meant for shredding well in advance.

We also perform the removal of unnecessary items directly to the scrap yard. Upon agreement, we are prepared to help you with the liquidation of entire estates.

Do you have any questions about the liquidation of unnecessary items or would you like to reserve a time for a personal consultation? Please do not hesitate to contact us.