Packing appliances

Most modern devices, especially those encased in plastic, tend to be very fragile. Thus, never transport them without packing them. Ideally, you should have the original packing stored. If not, you can use our moving boxes. If you are moving appliances that are expensive and sensitive, leave the packing up to us. We will pack the appliances in bubble wrap, or place them in a box filled with Styrofoam balls and mark the box with a shock sensor.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the devices

You can disconnect most small electric appliances at home yourself. Problems may arise with computers and televisions on an antenna, satellite, etc. You can draw or photograph the scheme for connecting the computer or television so that you will be able to put it back into operation without any problem. Always disconnect the cables from both sides. You should not try to handle gas appliances yourself.

If you are not certain, get advice on the disconnection of the individual appliances with our technician before moving. You will be glad to resolve anything you need at a non-binding meeting.

Be careful when transporting televisions and monitors

Modern thin plasma and LCD televisions tend to have highly sensitive screens, plus they are quite unstable. Nevertheless, we should not lay them down or otherwise tilt them during transport. Let the television sit in its new place until the next day before turning it on.  The same rules apply to desktop computer monitors.

Moving refrigerators, washing machines and cookers

It is better to move large and heavy appliances with the use of special moving straps and carts, which are platforms of various types and sizes on wheels. While two people may be able to move some large items themselves, there is an unnecessary risk of injury or damage to the floors or the appliance itself.

Moving electric appliances in the winter

When moving electronics in cold or freezing weather, it is necessary to take into account the risk of a short circuit. They can occur if we connect the appliance to the outlet right after moving it in from outside. Thus, when moving in the winter we recommend letting all devices sit for at least one hour before connecting them to electricity.

If you have any questions or want to order a move, please do not hesitate to contact us.