We will take care of moving the entire archives so that you would find everything in its place again.

Moving an archive can be a nightmare. Or, you can leave it to us. Moving Prague provides complete services related to archive moving, this means that we can do everything for you, from preparing the schedules to the final arrangement of the documents in the new area.

How moving archives is done:

  • We will prepare a detailed schedule for you that will clearly state when and what documents will be moved.
  • Your archive documents will be stored in carefully marked boxes.
  • The boxes will be placed in our padded vans that will provide 100% safe transport.
  • We will arrange the documents to their new shelves so that their placement matches the classification marks.
  • The final step is signing a certificate of delivery that states the daily plan and the list of the volumes.

It is typical for moving archives that most attention is given to placing the volumes into boxes and to their subsequent rearrangement in the new area. That is why we always put the accent on thorough documentation of the entire archive moving process and on the order and accuracy of its execution.

More information about the moving process